Jim33221 (YellowPages)

They know what they are doing at Cesare's! Fast service and the repairs looked great. Much better than the shop I took it to last time in Visalia. Thank you!

Hank Lara

On 9-22-11, I entered my vehicle which was parked on my driveway when I discovered that the ignition switch was stuck, it would not allow the key to turn on my vehicle. I contacted AAA who sent Cranes vehicle towing to my home. When the driver met me on my driveway shortly thereafter, he stated that due to the incline on my driveway he would be unable to tow my vehicle without damaging it. He continued to study it and again repeated that due to my vehicles position he could not guarantee anything. I then elected to contact Ceasares. They sent out a driver who studied the position of my vehicle and stated that he could do it. A short time later a Ceasars tow vehicle arrived with the same driver and he immediately was able to work on my vehicle and remove it from my driveway without any damage. He then towed it to the Ford Dealership without any further problems. A bonus to this was that Ceasares was a AAA affiliate so there was no charge to me. Thank you Ceasars for doing what others could not. Hank Lara Retired State Parole Officer

John Ollenberger

Second service showed just as exceptional as my first with Cesares. Very professional, competitive rates, and all staff are friendly with superb attitudes. I highly recommend this business to all.

Darcy Terry

I wanted to say that the service that I got from ceasares towing was excellent. It didn't take long for them to come and the driver was very friendly. When ever I have a problem I will be calling on ceasares towing.

Chris Fontes

I had my car fixed at Cesares and they did a great job. I will always have my vehicle fixed here, service was great. The estimator was easy do deal with and the work looked great.


My Chevy Tahoe had driver side front fender & door replaced. I am very particular of my vehicle and proud of it. Cesare\'s repaired a deep scratch on the hood and repainted the hood for no-extra charge. My car looks as good as new. Tom


Cesares did a great job on my vehicle. I highly recommend this body shop. Bert


My 1998 Toyota Supra was repaired very nice. Cesares took a few extra days but the wait was well worth it. If you have the need for body repairs you will not be disappointed. Manuel

Erika Lopez

I wanted to comment on the excellent and prompt tow service I received by Cesar's on two seperate occasions, they really take care of you....Thank you Cesar's and many thanks to their driver Hector !!

John O.

Highly recommend for servicing. Forthright, prompt, and very business-like.